·               The meeting was called to order at 10:40 a.m. by Kris Pimm.

·               The December 2004 Meeting Minutes submitted by Kris Pimm were accepted as read.

·               Correspondence Report.  Ruth Moses indicated that quite a few new membership forms and checks were received during the month.  Ruth also shared a letter from the Donation Line, concerning a change in tax laws with regard to donations of  property.  Ann Parsons indicated sheıd check the Library web site, to make sure that the site has a link directly to the Donation Line web site.  Ruth also distributed various items of mail.

·               Treasurerıs Report.  Andrea Collins reported that the beginning balance was $7199.91.  Total income was $2350 and total expenses were $1828.98.  Expenses included $1000 toward the repair of the table in the Reading Room.  The ending balance was $7720.93.  The Treasurerıs Report was accepted as read.

·               Library Directorıs Report.  Ann Parsons advised the group about several upcoming programs at the Library.  Ann also indicated that the Lawrence Library has joined with the Groton Library to advertise literary events at both of the libraries.   Ann  updated the group with regard to the search for the new Childrenıs Librarian.  The job posting will close on 1/21, and potential candidates will be interviewed by a committee.  Kris Pimm, from the Friends, agreed to be the Friends representative on that committee.  Ann also asked for any support possible at the upcoming budget meeting to be held with the Finance Committee.

·               Art Gallery.  Kathy Lowıs report indicated that the next Art Gallery reception will be held on 2/12/05.  Kathyıs report also advised the group that this will be the last year that she is able to manage this program.  Lisa Proctor and Terry Faria agreed to co chair this function in the future.

·               Membership.  According to Kathyıs report, membership is at 139.   Kathy plans to do an ³Old Friends² mailing soon.

·               Book Sale.  Kris Pimm indicated that the Groton School trailer, for the Hands Across The Waters program, is full.  Discussion was held concerning potential plans for discarding excess books after the book sale this spring.  It was agreed that we research having a dumpster delivered to the Community Center, in order to discard the books there, immediately after the sale.  The group agreed that to this plan, which will help to reduce the massive clean up effort at the end of the sale.  Kris will organize a committee to address this and other book sale issues.

·               Earth Day.  The event will be held on April 23rd, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Details concerning plans for the event were discussed, and Kris indicated that the event needs a chairperson.  Lisa Proctor agreed to called Wingmasters, in order to schedule a bird program for that day.  Weıll also collect toys on that day for the Toy Yard Sale, and will need help to do that.  A signup sheet for volunteers will be started at next monthıs meeting, for Earth Day and the Toy Yard Sale.

·               The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ruth Moses

Recording Secretary