MARCH 3, 2005

ˇ                Meeting called to order at 7:21 p.m. by Kris Pimm.

ˇ                The February 2005 Meeting Minutes, taken by Lisamarie Proctor, were read and accepted as read.

ˇ                Correspondence Report.  Ruth Moses distributed the mail.

ˇ                Treasureršs Report.  Ruth Moses read the report prepared by Andrea Collins, Treasurer.  The beginning balance was $6497.43 and total income was $101. Expenses totaled to $610, including $600 for museum passes.  The ending balance at 3/3/05 was $5988.43.  The Treasureršs Report was accepted as read.

ˇ                There were no reports for Membership, the Library Director and Programs.

ˇ                Earth Day.  General discussion was held about Earth Day plans, to be held on 4/23, including the fact that the Reptile program person is no longer available.  Kim is looking into other options.  The bird program is all set.

ˇ                Toy Yard Sale.  Scheduled date for the event is 4/30.  Set up will be 4/29 from 12-3.  A signup sheet for those dates was passed around.

ˇ                Book Sale.  A signup sheet for volunteering for the event was passed around.  Kris indicated that the prisoners might not be available to help us set up.  Shešs working that issue.

ˇ                General discussion was held concerning membership and planning for nominating officers for next year.

ˇ                The Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ruth Moses

Recording Secretary