·               The meeting was called to order by Co-President, Kris Pimm, at 10:32 a.m.

·               Ann Parsons, Library Director, showed samples of the new Library book bags and hats.  Ann reviewed the expenses and potential income for these items with the group.  Ann asked the Friends to pay the invoice for the expense, in the amount of $1715.10, and advised the group that all proceeds from sales of the items would be given to the Friends.  Discussion was held, it was voted and approved to pay the invoice for $1715.10.

·               The March 2005 Meeting Minutes were read by Ruth Moses, and were accepted as read.

·               Correspondence Report.  Ruth indicated that the response to the ³Old Friends² mailing was very good; quite a few new forms and payments came in during the month.  Ruth also gave the new insurance policy to Kris.

·               Treasurerıs Report.  Andrea Collins indicated that the beginning balance was $5988.43, total income was $1929.50, total expenses were $171.72, bringing the ending balance to $7746.21.  The Treasurerıs Report was accepted as read.

·               Membership Report.  Kris presented the report for Kathy Low, which indicated that membership is at 166.  Kathy indicated that the response to the ŒOld Friends² mailing was good, with a response rate of 25 out of 122 sent.

·               Art Gallery.  Per Kathy Lowıs report the reception for the last exhibit of the season will be held on 4/30/05 from 1:30-3:30 p.m.  

·               Discussion was held regarding the transition of managing the Art Gallery and the receptions.  Lisa Marie Proctor and Terry Faria, who will manage the Art Gallery next year, will meet with Kathy Low after vacation to start the transition.

·               Library Directorıs Report. 

·               Ann Parsons discussed the upcoming election, in terms of the open positions for Library Trustee.

·               As a result of the budget process, the Library employees will not be funded to have the additional hour of time that was previously taken away.

·               At the upcoming town meeting, it will be requested that the Library fine money, about $7000/year, be given back to the Library to use for expenses.  Ann requested that everyone please vote yes on this issue.

·               Ann reviewed plans for the upcoming Summer Reading Program, which will run for six weeks during the 6/21-7/29/05 time frame.

·               Earth Day.  Kris Pimm and Ann reviewed plans for this event, wich will be held on 4/23/05.    A signup sheet for helping was passed around, and also, Kris requested help bringing the toy donations inside.

·               Toy Yard Sale.  Kris reviewed plans for this event, which will be held on 4/30/05.  Issues discussed included making and putting up posters to advertise, as well as advertising in the newspaper.  Also, Betsy Keeney agreed to ask the Community Church if theyıd like the leftover toys from the sale for their yard sale.

·               Book Sale.  Kris indicated that the prisoners will be helping with set up on Thursday, 5/19/05.  Discussion concerning plans for the book sale was held.  Chet Babineau agreed to help again this year with driving the rental truck.  Advertising was reviewed, and Ann agreed to look into gettting/putting up a sign to go across Main Street.  We also agreed to sell the new book bags at the sale, and to make an offer on Sunday ³buy a book bag, and fill it up with books for free².

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ruth Moses

Recording Secretary