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Friends of the Lawrence Library Meeting Notes

January 08, 2004

The Meeting was called to order by Kim S. at 10:35 a.m. The December 2003 Meeting Minutes were read by Ruth M., and were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report.
Andrea C. made a slight revision to the ending balance for December 2003, which was $10,185.13. Thus, the beginning balance for January 2004 was $10,185.13, income was $626, expenses were $212.45, bringing the ending balance to $10,598.68. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read.

Library Director’s Report.
Ann P. asked for clarification on what time the Friends Meeting will be held in the future. It was agreed that the start time will be 10:15 a.m.

Ann advised the group that the budget is due next week, and it will continue to be a tough process, due to limited resources and funds

On Sunday, 2/1/04 there will be a lecture given by the Executive Director of the NH ACLU concerning the Patriot Act. This lecture is part of a series of lectures that will be held in a variety of libraries.

The web site is doing very well. Ann reviewed a few details concerning the site and the desire to have more small groups to test the site.

The subject of the Yankee Magazine fundraiser came up. It was agreed to put some of the existing cards out to try to sell a few subscriptions. This may provide some income to the Friends, with very little effort.

Ann mentioned a few other upcoming programs, including planning for college expenses and learning how to knit.

Cheryl M. reviewed upcoming programs. Some highlights noted were Fun with Science to be held during school vacation week, and creating Valentines with Cheryl. Kris P. offered to help Cheryl with the Valentine session.

Kim read Kathy L.Ìs report, which indicated that the membership is up to 139 as of 12/10/30. Last yearÌs ending membership was 183.

Art Gallery.
Tina R. mentioned that a reception will be held this Saturday, 1/10/04 from 1-3 p.m., to be hosted by Lisa Marie P. and Tina. After that, the Quilt Guild will have its reception on 2/28/04. Tina expressed concern that Kathy L. is still doing too much with regard to the Art Gallery, most particularly the database and mailings. Lucci B. agreed to call Kathy to get some more information on what type of help Kathy might need.

Toy Yard Sale.
Tina indicated that she has a lot of inventory, and is looking for more space. Discussion was held concerning options for where to hold the sale this spring. Possible locations include the Community Center, St. David’s Church or the Library. Discussion was held concerning this issue. It was agreed that the sale will be held at the Library on 5/8/04, and that we’ll put out some of the children’s books for selling. Discussion was also held concerning whether to do some of the pricing before moving the toys, though no final decision was made.

Book Sale.
Kris P. will call the prison to confirm that some prisoners will be available to help move the books from the Library to the Community Center on set up day. Lisa Marie P. agreed to talk with Nancy B., to confirm if she has/will have boxes for us to use for the book sale. The group also discussed how to increase the amount of helpers for cleanup on Sunday, as this is always a challenge.

Earth Day.
Kim asked that we start planning the event. It was agreed that the Library celebration would be held on Saturday, 4/24/04. Suggestions for programs were made and discussed, including a possible reptile program. Luci will talk with the Garden Club to try to set up planting of trees, as has been done in the past. It was also agreed that weíd hold a toy drop off that day.

Kim reported for Kathy L. that membership is up to 156. Kathy will do an ìOld Friendsî mailing this month.

New Business.
Luci B. updated the group on the process for getting the Christmas Tree down. She also indicated that sheís looking for end of season sales for next yearís outdoor holiday lights. Some discussion was held concerning that subject.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.