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Friends of the Lawrence Library Meeting Notes

February 12, 2004

The Meeting was called to order at 10:35 by Kim Simonich.
The January 2004 Meeting Minutes were read by Andrea Collins, and were accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report.
Andrea Collins reported that the beginning balance for February 2004 was $10,598.68, income was $1336.50, expenses were $503.92, bringing the ending balance to $11,431.26. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read.

Library Director’s Report.
Ann Parsons was not present.

Cheryl Murray reviewed upcoming programs. Some highlights noted were Come and Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, and a Magic Show with Derek the Great. The issue of thank you notes going out to people doing these programs came up. It was agreed that should be done.

Kim read Kathy L.Ės report, which indicated that the membership is up to 139 as of 12/10/30. Last yearĖs ending membership was 183.

Art Gallery.
Kim reported for Kathy Lowe that Vivien Shuen-Wu’s reception was well attended and thanks to Tina Rotondi and Lisamarie Proctor for hosting the reception. Next up is the Squanicook Colonial Quilt Guild, hosted by Lisamarie Proctor, Saturday, February 28th, 10:30-12:30. Their exhibit runs through April 2nd. After that is local artist Tom Belkakis, whose reception will be held on Saturday, April 10th. She needs a volunteer to host.

Toy Yard Sale.
Tina indicated that she has a lot of inventory, and is looking for more space. Discussion was held concerning options for where to hold the sale this spring. Possible locations include the Community Center, St. David’s Church or the Library. Discussion was held concerning this issue. It was agreed that the sale will be held at the Library on 5/8/04, and that we’ll put out some of the children’s books for selling. Discussion was also held concerning whether to do some of the pricing before moving the toys, though no final decision was made.

Book Sale.
The prisoners will be coming May 20th to transport the books to the Community Center. Kris will call the Highway Department for 20 tables. Also asking Saint Joseph’s for tables. Prices for books were discussed. Hardcover will be $3.00, paperback and children’s books will be $.50 on Friday. Saturday will be buy a book get one free, and Sunday will be fill a bag and make a donation.

Earth Day.
Luci Bakker will talk to Garden Club about splitting cost of trees with Friends. Every 25 trees cost $29.00. Last year 100 trees were way too many. Kris Pimm booked the Wolf Demonstration. She could not contact Wild Encounters. Discussed bringing in stuff for recycling room, items should be clean and no cans with sharp edges. Tina will have a trailer out for a toy drop off. Kris will have a van out for cat shelter supplies people would like to donate. There was a discussion about having a nature walk and maybe an owl and owl pellet program. Luci Bakker will look into this.

Kim reported for Kathy Low that membership is at 158, up from 139 in January. The Membership database has 282 entries, so there are more people we can reach.
Andrea Collins brought up the idea of Friends mailing to Friends like other organizations do. She also brought up the idea of hitting businesses in town (Corporate membership drive). A meeting will be planned to come up with ideas for bringing in business membership.

New Business.
An Antique Auction was briefly discussed. Suggestions were made that we should think about moving to a location that could handle a bigger crowd. Also limiting the number of items to be discussed. Tickets could be sold to a certain number of people with items, and others sold to people interested in coming to listen and observe.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betsy Keeney