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Friends of the Lawrence Library Meeting Notes

March 11, 2004

The Meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Kim Simonich. New attendees introduced themselves.The February 2004 Meeting Minutes, taken by Betsy Keeney, were read by Ruth Moses. The Minutes were accepted as read.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report.
Ruth Moses gave Andrea Collins several membership checks, and reported that there were a good number of new memberships received in response to Kathy Low’s “Old Friends” mailing. Various other items of mail were also distributed.

Treasurer’s Report.
Andrea Collins indicated that the beginning balance was $11,431.26. Total income for the month was $916, organizational expenses were $1009.23 (including the purchase of a museum pass), bringing the ending balance to $11,338.03. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read.

Library Director’s Report.
Ann Parsons mentioned that there will be a Dramatic Portrayal Program held at the Library on April 7th. Ann also summarized what happened at last week’s town budget meeting. The library will be cutting $16,000 from its budget. This will prevent Ann from being able to expand the Library hours as she had hoped.

Cheryl Murray reviewed the upcoming programs.

Kim Simonich reported for Kathy Low. According to Kathy the response to the recent mailing has been great. Membership is up 34 from last month, to 192, which is 10 over last year

Art Gallery.
According to Kathy, the reception for the Quilt Guild was very successful, thanks to Lisa Marie Proctor and family. The next reception will be on April 10th, 2004 for artist Tom Belkakis. Kim Simonich will host this reception. Luci Bakker advised the group that she spoke with Kathy Low, re helping Kathy with the Art Gallery. Kathy said that she’s basically set for this year, but for next year it would be good to have someone with computer skills get involved. Also, it might be helpful to have someone who could act as a spokesperson at the meetings, regarding setting up receptions, etc.

Toy Yard Sale.
Tina Rotondi was not at the meeting, so update details were not available. The sale will be held at the Library on May 8th. Some discussion was held concerning set up and holding part of the sale inside the library. Kris passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers, and will get in touch with Tina regarding plans and a possible flyer to advertise the event.

Book Sale.
Kris indicated that plans are progressing well. Kris advised that the highway department will provide 10 tables, but that we need more. Ann indicated that since the book sale is not the same weekend as the plant sale, the Library could provide the additional tables needed. Betsy Keeney agreed to call Chet Babineau to determine if he’ll be able to help on 5/20/04 by driving the truck and staying with the prisoners. Sign up sheets were sent around for set-up, the book sale and the clean up. A bit more help could be used Friday and Saturday afternoons. Various other details concerning the book sale plans were reviewed.

Earth Day.
Kris Pimm told the group that the plans are coming along well. Kris reviewed some of the details of the program. Luci Bakker indicated that Beaver Brook is willing to do a “Fine Feathered Friends” program, at a cost of $75. Luci has also been in touch with the Garden Club which has donated $75 to the Friends to pay for the trees for planting at the Earth Day celebration. Discussion was held concerning writing thank you notes to Lucy Brown and the Garden Club for their help and support. Luci Bakker will talk with the Garden Club re getting small plastic pots for planting the trees. If anyone else knows where we could get some pots, please advise. Ann indicated that the town is donating 2 yards of compost and a compost bin, and would like the Friends to raffle it off at Earth Day. It was agreed to do this, at $1/ticket. Ann also reminded the group that we should start to bring in CLEAN recyclables for the kids recycling room.

Library Grounds Clean Up.
Kim indicated that on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 a Girl Scout troop, 10 girls and 3 leaders, will do a spring clean up at the Library. Ann said that the DPW can pick up the debris, if put in a pile by the side of the Library. Ann will confirm if she has money in her budget to pay for some mulch that could be spread.

Nominating Committee.
Kris advised the group that we need 3 volunteers to form the committee, in order to start looking for Friends officers for next year. Andrea volunteered to continue being the Treasurer. Lisa Marie Proctor volunteered to be on the committee, and Kim felt that Pauline Mahoney would be willing to be on the Committee. It was agreed to continue with the discussion at the next meeting.

Corporate Membership.
Kathy Low, Andrea Collins and Kim Simonich met recently to brainstorm ideas for seeking and obtaining corporate Friends memberships. Discussion was held concerning some of the ideas that the group came up with, in addition to other ideas that the larger group formed. Andrea showed a Friends bookmark that she made, which was very well received by the group. If it can be reproduced, Ann said she’d be happy to hand them out at the front desk.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ruth Moses
Recording Secretary