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Friends of the Lawrence Library Meeting Notes

June 10, 2004

The Meeting was called to order at 10:43 a.m. by Kim Simonich.

Correspondence Report.
Ruth Moses indicated that a small check had been received from the Donation Line, and reviewed/distributed other mail items.

Treasurer’s Report.
Andrea Collins indicated that the beginning balance was $11,145.87. Total income was $7817. The book sale grossed $7522 with book sale expenses being $350.35. Total book sale income for the year was $8961.25, which included $1439.25 received during the year from the book cart. Total expenses for the month were $764.31, bringing the ending balance to $18,198.56. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as read.

Book Sale.
Kim Simonich indicated that the book sale revenue was down a bit from last year, but that last year we did have an $800 sale from a dealer who purchased inventory after the sale was done. Kris Pimm advised the group that she’s in the process of packing kids’ books as she receives Avon boxes, in order to bring them to the Groton School for the Hands Across the Waters program. Discussion was held concerning future book sale issues, including the agreement that we should be a bit more aggressive during the sorting process about throwing out books that won’t be sold.

Library Director’s Report.
Ann Parsons asked the Friends if they’d be able to pay a $420.11 bill for the summer reading program supplies. The program starts next week. The Friends approved paying for this bill. Ann also summarized the Summer Reading Program plans, indicating that it would start next week.

Cheryl Murray reviewed programs planned for the near future.

Kim presented Kathy Low’s report. Total membership ended at 210, an all time high. The year ending 2003 had a final membership of 179. Instead of doing the traditional town mailing Clipboard, we mailed the Clipboard to current and old Friends, and put it on the monthly Library calendar.

Art Gallery.
Kim presented Kathy Low’s report. The Gallery had another busy and successful year, and the receptions were well attended. All artists are scheduled for next season, and there are 5 artists on the waiting list.

Web Page.
Per Kathy Low, Sue Edwards and Ann have been adding items to the site, and have done a very good job.

Kris P. asked...
Kris Pimm asked the group if they would be willing to get a gift certificate for Don Lea, as thanks for his help sorting books all year long. It was proposed, voted on and approved to get Don a $75 gift certificate to the Harley House in Lunenburg. Ruth Moses agreed to get the certificate.
Kris also mentioned that Kathy Low suggested the Friends consider having a couple of night meetings, possibly alternating with the morning meetings. The group agreed that this was a good idea, in order to make it possible for other people to attend. It was decided to hold the meetings at 7:00 p.m. during the November and March meetings, on the first Thursday of the month.

Andrea indicated that the bank balance, after expenses currently approved, would be $17,523.35. Discussion was held concerning how much the annual year-end donation to the Library should be. It was decided, voted on and approved to donate $12,000.

Amy Good, past President, gave the president’s pins to current year co-presidents, Kim Simonich and Kris Pimm. The group offered congratulations.

Pauline Mahoney proposed that the Friends accept the officers as recommended for the 2004-2005 year. A vote was taken and the officers for next year were approved as proposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m., at which time, the annual luncheon began.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ruth Moses
Recording Secretary