MAY 10, 2007



·        The Meeting was called to order at 10:40 a.m. by Sky Minckler.

·        Sky sent around sign up sheets for the June luncheon and for the Book Sale.

·        Membership.  Jeanne Leblanc presented the report, which indicated that paid memberships were at 163, 19 down from the same time last year.  Membership deposits for the year were at $7220, an average of $44.29 per person.  22 out of 100 responded to the recent membership reminder.

·        Library Director’s Report.  Deb Sprat distributed a summer reading information listing.  Deb mentioned that Scholastic approached her regarding the possibility of doing a fund raiser book sale.  She also indicated that on December 2 Century 21 will sponsor open house tours as a fund raiser, and the reception will be held at the Library.  Century 21 has offered to help set up the decorations for the Christmas Tree Lighting.  Lee Ann Phoenix agreed to chair the Christmas Tree event, and indicated she would appreciate assistance from the Century 21 people. The final issue raised by Deb was the idea of holding a wine reception for a fundraiser.  Some discussion was held concerning the possibility of doing this, though no decision was made.

·        Art Gallery.  According to Sky, Kathy Lowe will resign from the Art Gallery Chair position as of the end of this year.  She has agreed to finalize the schedule for next year’s exhibits, but someone else is needed to run this program in the future.  Deb indicated that she felt this is a very important program, and she would make sure it is taken care of.  Deb has a couple of people in mind that might be able to help with this next year.

·        Earth Day.  According to Lee Ann Phoenix, the day went very well, although the turnout was not great.

·        Toy Yard Sale.  The total income was $648.75, and the turnout was relatively modest.

·        Minutes.  Dawn Maguire read the April Minutes, and they were accepted as read.

·        Treasurer’s Report.  Andrea Collins indicated that the beginning balance was $8115.04.  Total income was $1300.75, including $219 for the Kids’ Book Sale.  Expenses were $510.89, bringing the ending balance to $8904.90.

·        Book Sale.  Sky advised the group that plans for the sale were on track.  Terri Smith, who has been sorting books, has agreed to drive the truck.

·        Nominating Committee.  The proposed slate of officers for the 2007-2008 year is as follows: Co-Presidents - Lee Ann Phoenix and Jeanne LeBlanc; Vice President – Lisa Marr; Recording and Corresponding Secretary – Dawn Maguire; Treasurer – Andrea Collins; Membership – Sky Minckler.  Ruth agreed to take care of getting the legal notice listed in the local newspaper.

·        Sky reminded everyone that she needs their reports for the annual report.

·        The group reviewed museum membership, for potentials to add or drop in the future.

·        Andrea raised the question of what identification number should be listed on thank you letters to donators.  Some discussion was held concerning this, after which it was agreed to table the discussion.

·        The Meeting was adjourned at 11:38 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ruth Moses

Recording Secretary